ICA launches Pitch Watchdog to protect Canada’s creative industries from aggressive business practices

— Industry association lobbies for advertising industry as part of mission to
transform, amplify & protect –
The Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) www.icacanada.ca — the voice of Canada’s communication, media and advertising agencies – is launching Pitch Watchdog, a unique service for agencies to report good and bad practice by client corporations anonymously, if needed.
Pitch Watchdog is the latest program created by Scott Knox, president and CEO of the ICA, who was recruited late last year from the UK’s MAA (Marketing Agencies Association) where he launched the original program.

“The global issue is that agencies are reluctant to discuss the parameters of the pitch processes and bad client practice for fear of reprisal,” explained Mr. Knox.   “There needs to be a safe forum in which agencies can anonymously raise concerns, otherwise bad practices will continue to thrive.  I’m pleased to create a mechanism whereby the ICA can underscore its mission to protect the country’s creative industry.  With Pitch Watchdog, we can support Canadian agencies, while working with clients to mandate and celebrate best practices.”
Pitch Watchdog will enable the ICA to investigate both specific and common pitch issues.   The program is run in partnership with the MAA in the UK and the two associations will work together when a trans-Atlantic response is needed.
The ICA will continue to work on a case-by-case basis, offering clients advice on best pitch practice.  The Pitch Watchdog launch follows an announcement earlier this month in which the ICA called for an industry-wide boycott for a client RFP citing bad practices, as brought to the attention by member agencies.
“As part of our mandate to transform, amplify and protect we are calling for a fairer process, and it needs to start immediately.  We want clients to be able to enjoy the best of what we can deliver and accordingly, urge the industry to stand up and protect Canadian creativity,” Mr. Knox concluded.
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