Thousands Enjoy Hakim’s concert in Mississauga


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Egyptian Superstar Hakim performed in front of thousands of Egyptian and Arab Canadians at the International Centre, in Mississauga, yesterday.

The concert was organised by Canadian Pharaohs Group (CP Group), which is a registered Canadian organization founded and managed by a group of Egyptian-Canadian professionals and business leaders. Aiming to connect Egyptian-Canadians with their homeland.

A lot of Hakim’s famous songs were performed during the concert.

Singer Reham Nessim also performed during yesterday’s concert.

The concert is one of two events the Egyptian singer will perform in Canada, as the other one will be in Montreal at L’olympia later today.

Hakim is one of the Arab world’s most popular performers. His music — danceable pop that originated from Egyptian traditional music — is called Sha’bi. Sha’bi offers listeners a chance to vent their feelings about love, romance, joy, dreams, and life, — anything that’s worth longing for, laughing, dreaming, and crying about. This is what differentiates Hakim.

His appearances go from being amongst international stars (Glorya Gaynor, James Brown) at the World Peace Music Awards in the US to played at major international festivals including the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival, The World Economical Forum in New York (2002) with music legend Quincy Jones and many other international artists like Bono, Lauryn Hill, The Radio City Music Hall with artists such as Elton John.


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