Vancouver is Canada’s Most Congested City


Vancouver is Canada’s Most Congested City
 Posted by Knowlton Thomas on 2012-07-10 4:00:00 PM
TomTom has unveiled its first quarterly Congestion Index.
Using its travel databas and real-time traffic information technology, the GPS company was able to determine congestion levels on highways and non-highways in major cities across North America. The results show that Vancouver is the most congested city in Canada and the second most in all of North America, behind only the smoggy and infamous Los Angeles

The Congestion Index compares travel time during non-congested periods (free flow) with travel times in peak hours. The difference is expressed as a percentage increase in travel time, representing the congestion level.
Vancouver’s level is 30%, while LA’s is 33%. The next six cities are all American, including Seattle (25%) and Washington (24%). The second most congested Canadian city is Toronto at 22%.
Vancouver also has some of the worst morning and evening peaks. Vancouver’s morning peak congestion level is 51%, compared with LA’s 56%, and its evening peak is 65%, compared with LA’s 77%. Toronto’s peaks are 47% and 56%.
Ottawa is the third most congested city in Canada.

“Over the years, with the help of our customers, we have built the largest and most accurate database of travel times in the world,” said Harold Goddijn Chief Executive Officer of TomTom. “When we combine this travel database with our detailed real-time traffic information and routing technology, we can pinpoint congestion.”

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