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Do you know that you can now use your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS skills to build Windows 8 applications? We are big fans of HTML5, so that’s why we think this could interest you! As much as we like being on social media, and doing online events, we’d also like to offer free food, a cool space, and a chance to meet you in person!

November 23rd to November 25th in Toronto, we are hosting a free 48 hour hackathon where you will be able to explore the infinite possibilities with Windows 8. Windows 8 Pure Imagination, an event for developers, designers, game builders, startup folks, and students, will be an amazing weekend-long hackathon filled with more than 24 sessions, music, food, and tons of swag! If you want to attend in person, register now, as the places are limited. You can also take part online by registering for the virtual event.

Get rewarded to code

Last, but not least… free stuff! Have you heard about the Developer Movement? It’s a program that gives you the opportunity to accumulate points that you can exchange for amazing rewards. Whether you want to build an HTML5 Windows 8 application, a Windows Phone app, or complete a Windows Azure lab, you will pile up points. You even get points just by registering for free! The rewards go from t-shirts, to laptops, to flat screen TVs, passing by games like Borderland 2! So what are you waiting for? You code, we give rewards, it’s that simple.

So with the amazing offer of Developer Movement, it’s time for you to register for the Windows 8 Store. By doing it now, even if you didn’t start to create your application, you’ll be able to reserve the name of your application. For those of you that would like to get access to the newest Windows 8 devices, receive app building and design guidance from experts for free, we launched Windows Store App Labs location.


Developer Movement

Get rewarded for coding with the Developer Movement. Check out free toolkits, and cool apps from your peers, and collect points every step of the way. You’ll get a t-shirt just by signing up, and move along to awesome prizes like a Home Theatre System!

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