tips: How to make the most of Facebook’s latest ad changes


How to make the most of Facebook’s latest ad changes

Facebook have been busy on the ad front again and have introduced a couple of new changes that most advertisers should be able to access through the ad platform. The changes affect the targeting options available for ads as well as how you manage ads, making the process a little bit easier. These include the option to target by zip code (previously covered by us here), topic targeting and pasting targeting options. So how can you make the most of these and how can they be used to improve your current ad strategy?

Target by precise interests

Facebook recently made a change to the targeting options for ads, allowing you to target by broad category. Essentially this meant that instead of having to think of the Likes/interests of someone interested in cooking and entering these manually, you could simply select ‘Food’ as a broad category interest. They’ve now made a further change in the way that you can target by interest, this time to the ‘Precise Interest’ option. They’re introducing hashtags as a way to group together particular interests. As shown below, if you search by hashtag and start typing in ‘Rih’ this brings in related topics :

As well as being a way to discover relevant topics and the potential audience size, it also groups topics together. So whereas previously if I had entered ‘Rihanna’ as an interest, it would only have pulled in people that specifically had ‘Rihanna’ listed as an interest. Now however, it will pull in other related Rihanna groups and Pages, to be included in the same topic. This is really useful for advertisers if you wanted to target audiences by particular interests that they might have. You can then tailor this further by editing demographic information in the same way as before.
This can also be used to target your competitors, particularly for larger brands. Now you can be confident that by entering their brand name, you’re effectively covering all of the groups/pages that might be associated with that brand name, allowing you to get in front of your target audience.

Copy and paste interests

If you’re running larger ad campaigns, you might often find yourself setting up new ads that continually target the same demographics and interests. Whereas you previously had to enter these manually, unless using a particular ad manager, you can now paste these interests in. You can enter this by clicking on the + icon next to category targeting. If you’ve built up and extensive list of targeting options, you can simply paste these in :

Entering these interests will then also bring up other suggested interests :
While this is certainly a useful addition by Facebook, I can only see it really being relevant to larger advertisers, as you’re likely to have built up extensive targeting options for different campaigns that can be easily updated here.
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