How to affect people


How many times have you read the phrase “Excellent Communications” in job advertisements? Have
you ever thought what exactly do managers and the hiring committees mean by this term? Have you
ever described someone as an excellent communicator whether at work or simply among your everyday
Excellent communication skills do not only indicate verbal and written contexts, following instructions,
giving feedback, updating data, or asking correct questions. Excellent communications also include the
unconscious, nonverbal modes of understanding. If you think of any type of communication being delivered, besides the written or verbal word, it is to be found in the tonal quality of your statements,
facial expressions, body movement, hand gestures, or even absolute silence. Nonverbal communication
is your attitudes that reveal how you truly think or feel. This nonverbal communication needs to be
understood as it has enormous effect on others. But why is it so valuable to consider how to affect

Positive effect lasts for longer periods; people might forget your name or how you look, but they always
remember the effect you instill in them. Your effect is what they say about you when you leave the
room; therefore, you ‘d better leave a positive effect as much as possible. It is crucial to maintain the
same consistent positive attitude in formal or non-formal environments. The following lines will focus on only one technique to positively impact others. A sound reliable person will constantly adapt the very same positive attitude in approaching others. By “others”, I refer to everyone in your spectrum; customers, coworkers, family, friends, or even casual people passing by you every day, anywhere.

First and utmost tip is to smile at people. Yes, all people, even those whom you accidently brush against.
Roseann Capanna-Hodge, a psychologist and mental health expert, sees that “smiling at another person
can have a ripple effect, not only improving your own health but creating well-being in others.”
When you give people a tolerant little smile, you do your own self a favor. One smile makes you use 14
facial muscles that are directly connected to the brain, causing the increase of adrenaline levels, which
consequently creates happiness. Believe it or not, this feeling of satisfaction and tranquil mental health
is contagious! It is more of a ping pong effect; you smile, they return it to you. If you want to be
successful in your life, take off the stern, rigid face.

A Chinese proverb says: “A man without a smile, must never open a shop.” Marketing research suggests
that a pleasant shopping experience among smiling faces would likely make customers shop multiple
times at the same store. Berg, Soderland and Lindstrom, marketing experts, found out that when you
look at a smiling face, something in you automatically brightens up as well. Consequently, the positive
effect evoked by a smile spread to the advertised brand. How true the Chinese proverb is!
Start wearing your charming smile. With a smile, you win your audience. Smiling doesn’t cost a penny;
on the contrary it gives you a thousand gifts.


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