Heritage Month Celebrations Spark Enthusiasm, Unity Among Egyptians Abroad


Public Relations Director of the Canadian Egyptian Heritage Association (CEHA), Albert Fahmy, praised the ongoing events celebrating the Egyptian Heritage and Civilization Month in Ontario, on Saturday.

He pointed out that this year’s festivities carry several messages for Egyptians abroad.

In media statements, Fahmy mentioned that the activities, which have been running since last month, include a grand musical festival along with various cultural and artistic events, shedding light on Egypt’s recent artistic, cultural, and social developments.

He added that there is a strong desire among Egyptians in Canada and the United States to participate in this year’s events, making it the largest Egyptian cultural and artistic gathering in North America.

Albert Fahmy urged Egyptians abroad to support the national economy and always stand by their homeland, praising the government’s facilitations in providing opportunities for Egyptians abroad to contribute to the Egyptian economy. He emphasized that supporting the economy is a national duty in this phase.

The celebrations of the Egyptian Civilization and Heritage Month in Ontario, titled “Discover Egypt,” commenced at the beginning of last month and are organized by the Canadian Egyptian Heritage Authority.

CEHA has a highly-involved and well connected board of Directors who also play a pivotal role in managing the operation and volunteers. Our dedicated volunteers are Egyptian-Canadians who represent the first generation born outside Canada, and second generation born in Canada.

This year’s Heritage Month in Ontario distinguishes itself by spanning two months, July and August, rather than solely July, despite July being the official month designated by the Ontario government to celebrate Egyptian heritage as a permanent occasion on the events list.

It is worth noting that the celebration of the Egyptian Civilization Month in Canada started in 2019, and the Egyptian flag was raised in front of the Ontario Parliament after MPP Sheref Sabawy, with support from the Egyptian community in Canada, introduced Bill 106 to the parliament. The bill was discussed and voted on, becoming a valid law and a part of the constitution.


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