Hackday Toronto Feb 1

Hackdat Toronto Feb 1 at MarsDD
#hackdayTO  @marsdd

Toronto. 24 hours.
The challenge: create an app, website, algorithm, or any technical creation that helps Toronto and its citizens become more productive and happy. 


1. Build the project from scratch
We want a fair competition, so please don’t submit projects you’ve been working on for months. You can form teams and plan the project ahead of time, but all the code should be written during the competition itself.
2. You own your code!
LinkedIn will NOT make any ownership or usage rights claims to your code. Be aware that it is a public event, so we will reserve the rights to the PR for the hacks and the hackday. We want to be able to show off what you build, but the code belongs to you.
3. Picking winners
The winners will be picked by our esteemed panel of judges on Saturday February 2nd at 5pm.
4. Have a great time!
We hope to see you there. We’ll provide the food, drinks, caffeine, wifi, power, and prizes. You provide the laptop, charging cable, and hacker spirit.

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