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Déjeuner d’affaires du 26 septembre avec Glenn O’Farrell, Président et chef de la Direction du Groupe Média TFO

Wednesday, 26 September at 11:55 AM
HÔTEL FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK, Salle Upper Canada, 18e étage100, rue Front Ouest an centre-ville de Toronto Membre 48 $ / Non-membre 60 $

Glenn O’Farrell President and Chief Executive Officer Groupe Média TFO

Mediatization and Connectivity: Groupe Média TFO Marks Its 25th Anniversary with steps toward a Bold New Future

To celebrate its 25th anniversary and pave the way for future success, Groupe Média TFO has adopted a new brand image and is launching a wide array of engaging new content this fall, along with an innovative strategy for deploying this content on social networks and distributing it through a broader range of channels both in Ontario and elsewhere. Looking forward, TFO is mobilizing to nimbly seize every new opportunity to change audiences’ content-consumption habits. In a word, we want to make our content more relevant and more accessible, so that we can meet the fierce competition in the media marketplace head on.

The rationale behind all these initiatives is neatly summed up in these words that Marshall McLuhan wrote in Understanding Media in 1964: “Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.”Nearly half a century later, that statement still holds true.

Canadians’ behaviour patterns make us a society that is broadly influenced by mediatization and connectivity. Our use of social media continues to grow steadily. According to the Media Technology Monitor, 86% of all Canadians who use social media are on Facebook, while YouTube users worldwide consume 3 billion hours of video content per month. As of Spring 2012, 41% of all Canadians had smart phones, compared with only 6% in 2008. This increase of nearly 600% clearly shows how Canadian media consumption habits are shifting from traditional platforms to mobile ones.

For the media industry of tomorrow, this is where the contest will be played out and where success will be measured.

Glenn O’Farrell has over 20 years’ experience in the Canadian broadcasting industry. He has held strategic positions and played strategic roles in a number of broadcasting organizations, including CanWest Global, Global Quebec, and the Pathonic Network. He was President and CEO of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) from 2002 to 2009, a time of sweeping change in Canada’s private broadcasting industry. In 2010, he became President and CEO of Groupe Média TFO. Since then, he has led the organization to a unique positioning, asserting its presence as a producer and distributor of educational and cultural content in Canada’s French-language media space and thus making it one of the most important players on Canada’s educational and cultural media scene. Mr. O’Farrell has been a member of the Quebec Bar and the Canadian Bar Association since 1983.

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