girl geeks toronto meet up sept 17

girl geeks toronto meet up

Monday, September 17, 2012 @TinEye
You’ve heard about them, you know they’re important, you kinda know how
they’re applied, but if you had to define an algorithm in less than ten words,
you might struggle…

“WAIT!” you say. “How will you ever be able to broach such a
VAST and COMPLEX universe like algorithms in just ONE evening?”

We love the question, embrace the challenge AND have lined up two
splendidilyacious speakers for September.

“TWO?!!” you exclaim. “But Girl Geeks always have at least
three! Why just two?”

Well, when we asked our lovely speakers about presenting, they rightly
explained they need a little more time to do justice to their topics. So two
presentations, just a little longer than normal.

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