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Metro Toronto Convention Centre
 November 14-15, 2011
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After two successful FITC Mobile conferences we have transformed the event into SCREENS, now dedicated to mobile, tablet and set top box development. Jam packed with information and a massive networking opportunity, SCREENS consists of presentations, demonstrations and panel discussions. It is one of the only events in the world designed for developers of all platforms of screen content. With some of the most interesting and engaging presenters from around the world, it’s two days and nights that will leave you inspired, energized and awed!

2 full days of presentations, plus one optional day of post-conference workshops
Covering iOS, Android, HTML5 – JQuery Mobile, HP/WebOS, AIR, FLEX, Windows Phone, as well as marketing and business of apps
Over 40 presentations and panels covering all aspects of mobile, tablet and set top box development
400+ anticipated attendees from around the world
Evening networking event Who will be attending SCREENS 2011? SCREENS is for both current and future developers of mobile, tablet and set top box content. The program caters to beginners, intermediate and advanced programmers. While most of the topics will be technical in nature, we also aim to include coverage of usability and design considerations for these platforms. We also will also cover how to monetize app content, what the market looks like, and how to market your product and services.
Who is speaking at SCREENS 2011?Adam Stanley • Alex Kennberg • Bob Burns • Brad Wing • Brady Gilchrist • Chuck Freedman • Darren Osadchuk • Erik Von Harten • Faisal Abid • Greg Carron • Hod Greeley • James Maynard • Jean-Luc David • Joshua Granick • Joshua Marinacci • Julian Dolce • Kevin Suttle • Marin Alejandro • Martin Dufort • Matt Fisher • Matt Rix • Matthew Patience • Mikko Haapoja • Atley Hunter • Pearl Chen • Peter Nitsch • R Blank • Renaun Erickson • Robert Burdick • Rogers • Ryan Creighton • Sam Mithani • Scott Janousek • Steve Mason • Ted Patrick • Timothy Quinn
Companies represented at SCREENS 2011 include:Microsoft • Adobe • HP • Wavefront • Indusblue • QNX • Mobicartel • Ludicrous Software • Jam3 Media • Best Buy • WhereCloud Inc. • Almer/Blank • Transcontinental Interactive • Teehan + Lax • Canadian Film Center
What will be covered?Android OS • App Success • BlackBerry Tablet OS • Corona SDK • Designing for Mobile • Mobile Marketing • Digital Home • Grand Central Dispatch and Blocks • iOS • jQuery Mobile • Managing Mobile Projects • Metro • Microsoft Stack • HCI • QNX • Thread Management • UI • UX • Windows Phone
Why go to SCREENS 2011? Be on the cutting edge • Increase productivity • Upgrade your skills • Bring new creative and visionary energy to your work and your office • Learn from the leaders • Bring home best practices • Meet others who share your passion • Network • Get a job or find someone to fill that job •

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