Egyptian Minister of Emigration Meets with New Consul General in Montreal



Ambassador Soha Gendi, Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, on Thursday, received Ambassador Mohamed Fakhry, Consul General of Egypt in Canada, to discuss strengthening cooperation and joint coordination to meet the needs of the Egyptian community, and ways to integrate them into development plans.

The meeting was attended by Ambassador Amr Abbas, Assistant Minister of Immigration for Communities Affairs.

For her part, Ambassador Soha Gendi, welcomed Ambassador Mohamed Fakhry, wishing him success in his new mission, stressing the continuation of cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian embassy and consulate general in Canada, in light of the state of integration of efforts to meet the needs of the Egyptian community.

The minister added that the Egyptian community in Canada is very special, as it has personalities who have a wide influence on Canadian society in various fields, and this was evident during her meeting with members and symbols of the community within the framework of the “An Hour with the Minister” initiative, which aims to sustainable communication with our Egyptian communities abroad. She said, during the meeting, that coordination is currently underway with the Egyptian Ministry of Interior, to send a mission dedicated to the Egyptian community in Canada to renew and extract national number cards.

The “An Hour with the Minister” initiative aims to provide an opportunity to meet directly with Egyptians abroad and get acquainted with their needs and inquiries, affirmed Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs Soha Gendi.

The ministry is working on several fronts and attaining several incentives which link the Egyptian expatriates with their homeland

The minister of immigration indicated to coordinate with Phoebe A. Wasfy, Principal of the Philopateer College in Canada, to organize a trip for Egyptian students at the school in December, to visit Egypt and see the true beautiful face of their country by learning about national projects and new cities.

For his part, Ambassador Mohamed Fakhry, Consul General of Egypt in Montreal, expressed his great appreciation for the role played by the minister in linking Egyptians abroad to their mother country and welcomed the joint cooperation in the framework of strengthening the national identity of Egyptians in Canada and benefiting from their experiences and standing on all their needs to serve the community.

He stressed that he welcomes coordination with the ministry to promote joint action, especially in light of the ministry’s efforts to link Egyptians abroad with their mother country, especially in light of the activities it organizes for the benefit of the Egyptian community in Canada.



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