Egyptian Cancer Network Canada Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Establishing Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 Featuring Carmen Soliman & Canadian Arabic Orchestra

Celebrating the
10th anniversary of establishing Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357 –
Egypt, where Egyptians and Arabs together enjoyed the angelic voice of Egypt’s
Arab Idol Carmen Soliman at the charity concert in Canada
Written by: Said Henry, Media in Toronto
On Saturday evening, April 22nd, 2017,
the Egyptian Cancer Society of Canada, Canada’s main arm for Cancer Hospital
57357 in Egypt, held a charity concert featuring the Egyptian singer Carmen Soliman,
winner of the first Arab Idol (2012 ARAB IDOL). The Canadian-Arab Orchestra accompanied
Soliman in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the
hospital at Lester B. Pearson Theater in Brampton, Canada; in the presence of
large groups of the Arab and Egyptian communities, all from different age
groups, to raise funds to contribute to the future expansion of the hospital
and accelerate the completion of them before 2020.

Dr. Sherif Yacoub
Dr. Mohamed Agag wt/ Mr. Mohamed Hosni/Egypt Air
Mrs. Salwa Mwafi

ceremony began with the national anthems of Canada and Egypt, and the audience
paid a minute of silence to the martyrs of the Churches of St. Mark in
Alexandria and St. Gerges in Tanta. Followed by an introductory film about the
hospital, a welcome speech by Dr. Mohamed Agag, Professor of Radiology,
President of the Egyptian Cancer Society of Canada, Radiology Professor of the
National Institute of Oncology and Founder of Hospital 57357. The ceremony was
attended by Dr. Salwa Mwafi, Deputy Ambassador of Canada. Speech was given as
well by Dr. Sherif Yacoub, Radiation Oncology Director, at Wellspan Adams
cancer Center – Ohio State University and a member of the Egyptian Cancer
Society in America. With thankful and appreciative words by Sherif Sabawy of
the Conservative Party of the Erin mills Department of the Parliament of

The chords of the Canadian-Arab Orchestra played a major role in adding a distinctive atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy to the hearts of the audience, who responded with singing and warm applause. Carmen Soliman performed her most beautiful songs in the Egyptian and Lebanese dialects. The sounds of the national songs resonated hard in the hearts of immigrants who are nostalgic for their homeland. The distance between Egyptians and Arabs from their homelands did not keep them far from the updates of the news of “Arab Idol” Carmen Soliman and her latest songs. 
Carmen Soliman with Composer Mostafa Gad
A huge congratulation was at the heart of the theater to celebrate the marriage of artist Carmen Soliman to the talented Egyptian composer Mostafa Gad, wishing them happy marital life. Carmen surprised both her audience and her husband, Mostafa, by asking them to sing their new song, “Rabna Ykhalik Li’albi” which Mostafa has composed and which has more than a million views on YouTube. We also did not miss the social buzz of Facebook and Twitter that made all the fans of Carmen Soliman follow her trip and her party in Canada despite the time difference.
The fundraising concert lasted three and a half hours and Carmen Soliman thanked all the attendees and organizers of the ceremony and hospital 57357 and praised the role of the hospital and its noble goal to serve cancer patients from Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

Carmen Soliman with The Canadian Arabic Orchestra

Carmen Soliman

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