Egypt Taste: New Initiative In Canada To Promote Egyptian Products


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As part of Ontario’s Egyptian Heritage Month events in July, Said Henry, the founder and owner of Media Mayor Inc., has launched “Egypt Taste” video campaign.

Egypt Taste is an initiative project by Media Mayor Inc. to promote Made in Egypt products such as food, textile, gift items and other products sold in the Canadian market to the Canadian consumer also to shed light on products made by Egyptian Canadians in Canada.

The idea comes as part of the faith in the efficiency of the Egyptian industry and all efforts made by manufacturers and exporters to promote the Egyptian product.

“The idea originated after a comprehensive examination of the rise in the amount of exports and the imports of various Egyptian goods to the Canadian market, which compete with other products imported from different countries” Henry said.

“The nature of the Canadian consumer tends to try everything new, whether food or other products” Henry continued, noting that food is the most common imported product, followed by textiles, ceramics, Egyptian-inspired decor, and other goods.

“As a marketing and public relations company, we launched the “Egypt Taste” initiative, which collects all information related to the Egyptian exports sector to Canada and provides access on a dedicated website, making it easier for Canadian importers to obtain more details about the Egyptian products, and supports the Egyptian state’s efforts to strengthen exports to new markets.”

Henry stressed that the initiative’s promotion approach is built on multiple axes, including social media ads and posts, as well as the initiative’s own website, which contains all Made In Egypt products or made with Egyptian expertise in Canada.

He called all Egyptian tourism companies and hotels to participate in the initiative by promoting their tourism programmes, noting that tourism is one of the important elements that will be added later to encourage Canadian tourists to explore Egyptian destinations and experience new places other than Canadians’ traditional resorts in the United States, Carribean and Latin America.

Henry concluded his remarks by saying that the initiative’s goal is to support efforts to diversify Egypt’s economy through knowledge and foresight, in accordance with the “New Republic’s” sustainable development goals, complementing efforts to help and expand Egypt’s industrial and tourism sectors, as well as increasing exports, and expressing optimism for a free trade agreement between the two countries in the near future.

Media Mayor Inc.

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