EGYCAN Holds Annual Iftar Gathering in Mississauga


Egyptians in Canada (EGYCAN) held its annual Iftar gathering on Friday, April, 14th at 1275 Mississauga Valley.

All Egyptians had a wonderful time at the EgyCan Iftar Dinner. It was great to join the Egyptian-Canadian community in breaking the fast together and enjoying delicious food.

EGYCAN is a community group formed by Egyptians living in Canada. The group’s mission is to bring together Egyptians and individuals interested in Egyptian culture to promote friendship, cultural exchange, and mutual support among its members. EGYCAN aims to provide a platform for its members to socialize, share experiences, and celebrate their heritage.

The group organizes various events throughout the year, including cultural and social gatherings, educational and professional workshops, sports tournaments, and community service initiatives. One of the most significant events hosted by EGYCAN is the annual Iftar gathering during the holy month of Ramadan. This gathering brings together members of the Egyptian community in Canada to break their fast and share a meal together.

EGYCAN is a welcoming and inclusive group that aims to strengthen the bonds of the Egyptian community in Canada and promote intercultural understanding and harmony.

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