eat:Strategy Conference 2012


eat:Strategy Conference 2012
Wednesday, June 27, 2012   
Conference details.
eat:Strategy Conference 2012 takes place on July 18th from 9am-5pm at Jackman Hall.

eat:Strategy is a hand crafted conference designed from the ground up for practitioners in strategy and planning. combining minds from research, psychology, branding and design. Each speaker will share approximately 20 minutes of their story about how their expertise is helping shape and conceive better strategies for clients, ideas and brands across the world. We’ve speakers from New York, San Francisco and of course Toronto:
Guthrie Dolin,Principal, Brand & Strategy at Odopod
Emma Warrillor, Founder & President at Data Insight Group
Mark Pollard, VP of Brand Strategy at Big Spaceship
Ryan Coleman, Innovation Catalyst at Bank of Montreal
Sarah Thompson, Strategic Account Director at Networked Insights

With emerging technologies, design & sustainability leading and changing how we all view the world. You will leave the conference intrigued and empowered with a holistic view of how strategies are being shaped at some of the most forward thinking firms in North America. Buy tickets and network with some awesome people from agencies including Nurun, Mediacom, Isobar, Henderson Bas Kohn, RocketXL and Syncapse.

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