Drive-In International Film Festival Returns To Ontario Place on June 27th


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The second edition of the Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival will kick off on June 27th and run until July 17th.

The festival will present a selection of films celebrating Canada’s multiculturalism with a special ‘Focus Italia’ series, in partnership with the Italian Embassy in Ottawa.

This is thanks to The Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) and the Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival, which will return some international cinematic flair to the city, letting cinema-goers enjoy themselves at Ontario Place’s Drive-In theatre. The tenth anniversary edition of the ICFF and the second edition of the Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival. Both festivals will take place at Ontario Place in Toronto, and in several other cities in Canada, including Vaughan, and Montreal. The ICFF Festival will be a hybrid of in-person and online events available to viewers all across Canada. Organized in collaboration with CHIN Radio/TV.

“Multiculturalism is at the core of the Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival,” explains the program, adding that the film will offer a curated selection of films from the American, British, Korean, Latinx, African, Chinese, French, Japanese, Turkish, Indian, Iranian, Indigenous People, and Russian communities.

The festival will open on Canadaian Multiculturalism day and maintain its focus on diversity and expand its reach to engage a wider range of communities and minorities. The film selection will guarantee to shed a light on the intricate texture of Canadian society, bringing forward a vast collection of multicultural stories which will reflect the values of inclusivity and acceptance. The festival will bring the best of contemporary international cinema along with immersive entertainment for guests with red carpet appearances, special guests, celebrity hosts, unique concessions, special events, brand new theatre venues.

All movies will be screened in their original language accompanied by English subtitles.

Tickets are available online and the festival even allows for three-movie packages starting at $90 for cars with just two passengers. Fully loaded vehicles will cost a bit more.

You can also expect a special Focus Italia series in partnership with the Italian Embassy in Ottawa. Besides the films, there will also be red carpet appearances, celebrity guests and hosts, and of course, concession snacks. The festival runs from June 27 to July 17 with ticket prices depending on the number of people per car. Three-movie packages range from $90 for one or two people per car and $150 for three or more per car.


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