#devTO Social Design 101 & Microsoft’s Modern Design Language

#devTO Social Design 101 & Microsoft’s Modern Design Language
#devTO @devTO

Monday, August 27, 2012  6:30 PM to 9:30

Polar Mobile   156
Front Str Suite 610, Toronto

  • Social Design 101 – Sachin Monga, Facebook

    Social design is a practice for thinking about software
    experiences as “multiplayer games” (as opposed to “single player games”). Real
    world and online experiences can be improved with software when they are
    personalized for you and your friends are with you wherever you are – and it’s
    becoming easier for us to bring our identities & friends with us to every
    online or real world experience. This session will cover strategies for
    designing any experience as social from the ground up, by drawing from examples
    on Facebook.com and apps built off the Facebook platform.

    Sachin works on the platform team at Facebook Canada, focused on helping
    brands and developers build people-centric products by leveraging the Facebook
    Platform. Prior to joining the Canadian team, he did product marketing for Open
    Graph at Facebook HQ in Palo Alto. Sachin studied Systems Design Engineering at
    the University of Waterloo and is a frequent instructor on the topics of social
    design and information distribution.

    A Whirlwind Primer on
    Microsoft’s Modern Design Language – Paul Laberge, Microsoft

    You’ve seen images (or even tried) Windows 8. You’ve
    seen Windows Phone unique style. You’ve experience the new XBOX dashboard. What
    do these things have in common? A modern design language that defines experience
    through a user-centric approach! In this primer, Microsoft will tell you exactly
    what their Modern Design Language is, what it isn’t (a hint: it’s not boxes,
    text and bright colours…), where it came from and where it’s going. By the end
    of this talk, you’ll know what will make an amazing, modern Microsoft app
    experience tick and how you can use it to further your own creative ideas.

    Paul Laberge is a Technical Evangelist with Microsoft Canada, focusing on
    helping the developer ecosystem build great apps and services on Windows Phone,
    Windows 8 and Windows Azure. Paul brings a wealth of experience from both a
    technical and business perspective with over 14 years of experience in product
    development and marketing, management consulting and technical evangelism. As
    part of his role at Microsoft, he can be seen working directly with developers
    and designers building solutions for the Microsoft platform as well as speaking
    at events both in-person and online. He is also passionate about great design
    and can be seen talking and blogging about Metro, Microsoft’s new design
    language. Paul blogs on http://w00t.ms and can be found on twitter at @plaberge.

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