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Julian Lam – Client Side Rendering: The Good Kind of Outsourcing

Following on the heels of Dmytro Yashkir’s presentation last month, Julian will be leading a primer on client-side rendering as implemented by web app developers on the LAMP stack. We will step through a high-level overview of traditional content rendering paradigms, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of rendering on the client side. Additional topics touched upon include scalability, security concerns, and real world implementations.
Julian is a Toronto-based Web Application Developer and System Administrator. He has worked in the startup arena for close to three years, and has experience in the social game industry, developing such hit games as Lionsgate’s Dirty Dancing Facebook game, and social action platforms such as IGAPI. He is currently spearheading development on FeedSeed, a next-generation business-to-consumer relevancy engine, soon to enter open beta.

Milan Gokhale – 10 lessons learned from starting a tech business

Originally presented to first-year engineering students at Western, this talk will discuss 10 lessons learned from building a digital development studio in Toronto – and why now is the best time for every software developer to build products for themselves.
Milan Gokhale is a developer-turned-entrepreneur who spends most of his first conversations explaining why his first name is pronounced mill’uh-n (rhymes with villain) and not mi-lan, like the city in Italy. Milan is a partner at People & Code, a digital development studio based in Toronto. Before leaping into the startup world, Milan worked for six years in the Microsoft enterprise space, including a stint in Redmond for Microsoft. Milan holds a software engineering degree from Western University, and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business

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