CRTC Unveils Three Year Plan for Canadian Telecom, Broadcast Future

CRTC Unveils Three Year Plan for Canadian Telecom, Broadcast Future
Access to content on a variety of platforms is important, but so too, compliance with broadcast and telecom regulations.
Those are key elements in a new three year plan released today by the Canadian Radio-television
and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as it lays out its strategy for 2012 to 2015.

“In the coming years, we will focus our efforts around three key pillars: create, connect and protect,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, the recently appointed Chairman of the CRTC. “The activities identified under each of these pillars will serve to foster a world-class communication system for Canadians as citizens, creators and consumers.”

The activities under the “create” pillar will ensure access to creative content from diverse sources and on a variety of platforms.
For example, the CRTC will conduct a series of policy reviews, including a targeted review of the commercial radio policy for French- and English-language markets. It will also initiate a public proceeding to renew the licences of independent television services.

The activities under the “connect” pillar are intended to ensure access to communication services at affordable prices.
So included in its planned activities for the next three years, the CRTC will review issues related to the accessibility of telecommunication services and the wholesale services large companies must provide to their competitors.

Finally, the activities under the “protect” pillar will promote compliance.
During the next three years, the CRTC will continue to enforce the telemarketing rules and begin to enforce Canada’s anti-spam legislation once it comes into force.
In addition, the CRTC will promote the safety of Canadians by monitoring the deployment of the public alert system and reviewing the regulatory framework for next-generation 911 services.

“It can sometimes be a challenge for Canadian consumers to make informed decisions in a competitive marketplace,” Blais added. “We will continually review our regulatory framework to make sure it empowers consumers by giving them the tools they need. We will also ensure that the regulatory framework remains aligned with the evolving communication industry.”
The previous Chair of the CRTC, Konrad von Finckenstein, spoke of a need for a new regulatory environment, and even opend the door to a new regulator, in speeches made near the end of his term of service.

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