Corriere Canadese is in the final stages of developing a Canadian National Multilingual News Group (CNMNG).


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Corriere Canadese is in the final stages of developing a Canadian National Multilingual News Group (CNMNG).

It is a “proof of concept” taking advantage of the Collective Initiatives Program under Canadian Heritage and seeks to show commitment to Canadian journalism’s development aimed at Canada’s growing Multilingual sector by utilizing human resources available in the Multilingual publications. The last Census, in fact, underscores the need for such journalism in our diverse peoples’ integration process: fully 22% of Canadians speak a language other than English or French at home.

“The goal is to generate news items of relevance to participating ethnic language publications, researched and authored by Canadian residents/ citizens, from a Canadian perspective and made available to publishers in the multilingual marketplace,” said J. Volpe, publisher of Corriere Canadese.

Corriere Canadese, printing primarily in Italian and founded in 1954, is Toronto’s (GTA) third-oldest daily newspaper. It is a subscription and single-copy sales publication with a digital version and growing social media presence. In hardcopy, it is Canada’s largest community paper measured by sales on a weekly basis. It was recently granted a Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization Designation (QCJOD)

CNMNG has launched a portal ( through which participating publications and journalists from multilingual journalists and publishers may upload/download articles in their own language. To date, participating journalists provide articles from the Hispanic, Portuguese, Bangladesh, Filipino, Turkish, Italian communities. Other language groups in development in the immediate term are Chinese, Farsi, German, Greek, Polish, Punjabi, and Urdu.

If interested in participating, please contact or go to the home page.

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