Clement to Address Risk and Reward of Politicking with Social Media


Clement to Address Risk and Reward of Politicking with Social Media
Treasury Board President, long-time politician and “uber-tweeter” Tony Clement will be among the headline speakers at the upcoming Business Communicators Summit in Ottawa.
Minister Clement will discuss “Politicking in the Age of Social Media” and share his insights about using Twitter on the campaign trail.

He’s one of the most active Canadian politicians on Twitter, and is said to tweet several times a day to almost 25,000 followers.
His topics have been political, personal and at times, controversial.
“As a politician, social media offers powerful new ways for me to reach out and communicate with my constituents. There is a direct connection and an immediacy that has huge potential for engaging citizens and informing policy,” Minister Clement said. “Governments and politicians are increasingly moving in this direction, but the key is knowing how and when to use this direct line to Canadians.”
The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Canada East Region is hosting the event; IABC and the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) sent out an announcement that Clement will join the roster of speakers for the IABC 2012 Canada Business Communicators Summit on “Communications Trends 2013” in Ottawa from November 1-3, 2012.
Also participating in the three day conference will be Dr. Darrell Bricker, CEO, Ipsos Public Affairs, who kicks things off. Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, will also examine the impact citizen journalism has had on the global spread of personal information and the ethical questions that raises for communications professionals.
“We have seen the power of social media in politics with the U.S. presidential campaign and now with Minister Clement. Learning from the effectiveness of social media in politics is valuable because these campaigns embrace changing attitudes and behaviours over a relatively short period of time,” noted Yasmin Ranade, Chair, IABC 2012 Canada Business Communicators Summit and Publisher,
Less than a year ago, the federal government released a series of “Guidelines for External Use of Web 2.0”, noting that the use of mobile devices, online connectivity and social media (all part of Web 2.0 is the government describes it) could create both terrific opportunity and tremendous risk for politicians and public servants.
Though the use of Web 2.0 is encouraged, risks and challenges from the use of Web 2.0 are said to include the potential for misuse of content when subjected to the terms of service of third-party service providers (information being reused by a third-party service); reconciling statutory obligations (such as meeting language requirements on a per-message character limit platforms); and the possibility of misinterpretation of online activity as the official position of the Government of Canada rather than that of an individual.
Additional guidance on the use of Web 2.0 tools and services is sid to be in various stages of development by communities of expertise and Web 2.0 practitioners within the Government of Canada.
The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a global network of communication professionals committed to improving organizational effectiveness through strategic communication. Established in 1970, IABC serves more than 15,000 members in 80 countries. IABC Canada has two regions, representing more than 5,500 members in 14 chapters across the country and offers the Silver Leaf and Master Communicator national award programs.
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