Canadian Startup LoginRadius Partners with Mozilla on Persona Project


Canadian Startup LoginRadius Partners with Mozilla on Persona Project

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on 2012-08-14 8:20:00 AMWe’ve learned that Canadian startup LoginRadius, which offers social infrastructure to web sites, has closed a partnership deal with Mozilla on their identity project, Persona.
Both Mozilla and Edmonton’s LoginRadius are working to streamline online identity management and reduce the hassle of managing multiple online identities—not only for users, but also for the website owners. As a now-official partner, LoginRadius will be offering Persona to its customers.
“Persona is all about the ease of maintaining a single identity while keeping user information highly secure and private,” explains Rakesh Soni, co-founder of LoginRadius The mission of both companies aligns when it comes to improving online identity management, protecting user privacy, and enhancing data security. I am sure that our current customers would love to get Persona on their sites.”
“The LoginRadius team is responsive and committed to supporting a wide range of platforms and programming languages,” says Dan Callahan, a senior software engineer at Mozilla. “We’re excited to see Persona amongst their login offerings, giving their integrating partners a new, simple way to authenticate users and limit password proliferation on the web.”

While LoginRadius is mostly focused on offering login through social ID providers, the non- social media concept behind Persona gives users an additional option for online identity management. LoginRadius is the first Social Login provider with such a wide range of options and features for end-users and continuously strives towards its mission of making it easier for users to manage their online identities.

“Based on the explosive growth rate of LoginRadius’s userbase that we’ve seen so far, I see the internet moving towards centralizing online identities in the next few years,” adds Deepak Gupta, co-founder of LoginRadius. “In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if forms were soon to become an archaic part of the registration process as more and more users discover the ease of managing their online profiles from one location. With this Persona integration, we are moving one step closer towards hassle-free login.”

Using LoginRadius, you can allow users to log in to your website with their existing accounts on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and over 20 more providers. Social Login eliminates the annoying registration process that all online users have come to dread and not only attracts more traffic to your website but also boosts your user base. Whenever a user logs in with his social account, we fetch the User Profile Data after his consent and store the data in your database. Based on the collected user profile data and IP based data, we also offer you Social Analytics, which runs all the data through a detailed analysis and presents the results in attractive graphs that give you additional social insight into your user base. For word-of-mouth marketing on the internet world, we have Social Sharing that allows users to share your web content on their social profile, hence connecting more users to your website from within that network.
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