Canadian journalist tracks down notorious killer Karla Homolka

Canadian journalist tracks down notorious killer Karla HomolkaSteve Mertl | Daily Brew
So another journalist has tracked down Karla Homolka. Yaaay!
Canadian TV and print reporter Paula Todd found the former wife and accomplice of serial sex-killer Paul Bernardo living on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, married to the brother of her lawyer and raising their three kids, the Globe and Mail reported.

Todd managed a brief interview with Homolka, who now goes by Leanne Bordelais, which supplies the climax for an e-book Finding Karla: How I Tracked Down an Elusive Serial Child Killer and Discovered a Mother of Three. Coincidently, it comes out today.
Homolka, or should I say Bordelais, became perhaps the most hated woman in Canada when she and Bernardo were arrested in 1993 in the murders of teenagers Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.
Homolka, who also helped Bernardo drug and rape her own sister, Tammy, who died during the assault, copped to a manslaughter charge in exchange for giving evidence against her husband.
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The deal caused an uproar when subsequent discovery of the couple’s video-taped recordings of the killings showed she was more deeply involved.
Homolka served her full 12-year prison term and was released in 2007. She settled initially in Quebec and changed her name to Leanne Teale.
The Globe points out this is the third time reporters have tracked her down. They first found her working in a Montreal hardware store soon after her release and then traced her home address at an east-end Montreal apartment.
It’s like some ghoulish game of Where’s Waldo.
Homolka/Bordelais has quite properly tried to disappear from public view and consciousness while her ex-husband rots in segregation in Kingston Penitentiary. But there’s no denying in our celebrity-driven media culture a certain segment is fascinated by people like her.
Homolka’s name surfaced last month connected to Luka Magnotta, Canada’s latest horror-movie killer. The National Post reported he made another brief court appearance Thursday to set a date for a preliminary hearing next March in the murder, dismemberment and mail distribution of university student Jun Lin.
News reports before his capture said Magnotta, who allegedly videotaped the killing of Jun, had a claimed but later denied a romantic link to Homolka.
I’m sure a lot of Canadians read that and thought to themselves, “I wonder where she is now.” Well, now you know.
According to snippets from Todd’s book reported by the Globe, the reporter walked up to a secluded apartment building in early May and walked up to the second-floor apartment’s outside entrance.
“I look through it into a tiny, tidy kitchen,” Todd related. “There, bent over the sink, is a petite woman with light hair. She turns her face sideways to see who’s arriving. Then she freezes …”
Homolka/Bordelais invited Todd into the home and while she was distrustful, she was not outright dismissive.
Trying to make small talk and put Homolka at ease, Todd observed she appeared to be a good mother.
“That’s funny that you think you can judge that after seeing me this short time,” the notorious child killer snapped back.
The interview lasted an hour, Todd said.
“I’d say she was lonely and slightly bored,” Todd said
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