Canada in the Nation’s Front Pages Competition!


Gather your entries for The History of Canada in the Nation’s Front Pages Competition!

This one-time national competition will celebrate and award newspaper stories that have made front page news. Stories dating as far back to 1864 to present day will be eligible to compete in the categories listed below.
Getting Started:
  • Review the Category List & Rules of Entry
  • Comb through your archives and begin creating a short list of possible entries
  • Engage your communities or have your staff select your final entries
  • Promote the competition within your community!
An entry shall consist of one front-page story published in one issue of a Canadian newspaper about a significant Canadian Event or Issue that shaped history and sparked dramatic change (for better or for worse) locally or nationally in one of the categories listed below.
The Categories:
  1. Canadian Politics
  2. Canadian Sports
  3. Canadian Heroes
  4. Canadian Arts/Culture/Entertainment
  5. Canadian Science & Technology
  6. Canada at War
  7. Canadian Communities
  8. Canada on the International Stage

Stay Tuned for the official Call for Entries date coming soon!

If you have any additional questions please contact:
Taylor Kormann
Awards Coordinator
Newspapers Canada
416-923-3567 x333
Media Mayor Inc.
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