Build your First Mobile App in Half a Day (HTML5, jQuery & PhoneGap or Native iOS)

Build your First Mobile App in Half a Day (HTML5, jQuery & PhoneGap or Native iOS)
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 8:00 AM – Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM Toronto, ON
A free half-day training course to learn everything you need to know to build your first mobile app — either in HTML5+PhoneGap+jQuery or with native iOS Obj-C code!
As taken by over 1,000 people in San Francisco, Austin, Amsterdam, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Denver, Detroit, Houston, San Jose, Atlanta and Los Angeles!

The classes are completely free (and all the software & services we’ll be using are too — most of them are even open-source)
Can’t join us for the full training? Come by for the 1-hour meetup-style presentation showing your how to quickly build mobile apps using free or open-source tools!

Join us to learn how to create mobile apps hands-on, in a friendly, fast-paced environment!
  • The HTML5 class will teach you everything you need to build apps that work on (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, mobile browsers, etc.) we will review the important mobile features of HTML5 & JavaScipt. You will learn how to use a mobile UI framework (jQuery Mobile), how to add app features with a Backend-as-a-Service (open-source Usergrid) and how to deploy your app to devices natively using PhoneGap.
  • The Native iOS class will show you how to create a native mobile app for iPhones & iPads (Apple laptop with Mac OS Lion or Mountain Lion and solid programming experience in another language required). We will review the syntax and major features of Obj-C. You will learn how to build an iOS UI and how to add app features with a Backend-as-a-Service (open-source Usergrid).
  • The meetup presentation will cover the same topics but in very condensed form (1 hour), most of it as a walkthrough, hands-on demo showing you how to build a simple app (a store locator), step by step, using free or open-source tools.
By the end of the workshop, we will have built a fully-featured app, ready for release on the app store, without having written a single line of server-side code!
The HTML5 classes
The Mobile HTML5 classes will be offered Wednesday (morning & afternoon) and Thursday morning. It’s perfect for people with a background in web development or with light programming experience.
  • 30 minutes before start: registration + breakfast (morning sessions) or lunch (afternoon sessions)
  • Hour 1: Intro HTML5 and Mobile Apps. Building your mobile UI with (jQuery Mobile)
  • Hour 2: Add live data to your app with an API backend (Usergrid)
  • Hour 3: Add more screens to your app
  • Hour 4: make your app run natively on devices with PhoneGap
  • Hour 5: Advanced topics (30 minutes) + 30 minutes of Q&A over lunch (morning sessions) or beers (afternoon sessions)
The Native iOS class
The Native iOS class will be offered Thursday afternoon. It’s perfect for people who have advanced programming experience and want to get started with Obj-C.
  • 30 minutes before start: registration + lunch
  • Hour 1: Intro to Obj-C and Mobile Apps.
  • Hour 2: Build your UI with storyboards
  • Hour 3: Add live data to your app with an API backend (Usergrid)
  • Hour 4: Add more screens to your app
  • Hour 5: Advanced topics (30 minutes) + 30 minutes of Q&A over beers
About the Instructor
The sessions will be lead by Matt Dobson a Software Engineer on the Apigee Labs team. Matt constantly builds new things on every mobile platform with the latest technologies. He’s most recently organized similar classes in the Bay Area, and in the Midwest. You can view his open source work on GitHub, and catch him on twitter at the handle @mdobs
Here’s what previous attendees have to say…
“Great class … Opened up a new world for me.” —@wren_jon
“Tim was intelligent, patient, and engaging. His material was well-prepped and clearly had gone through many iterations. Highly recommended!” —Jessica
“Awesome mobile apps training if you’re looking to get a jump start with jQuery mobile and phonegap!” —@nmakiya
“Great HTML5 class today in San Fran with Tim Anglade Definitely looking forward to the advanced class next month!”  —@JeffCGoss
“Shout out to Apigee for putting on a great intro to html5 mobile apps today” @paulruescher
“Great workshop today! Left with new knowledge, great tips, a new book & a couple cold ones…….ALL FOR FREE!” @terrance_unce
“Thanks for the great day teaching us how to build mobile apps” —@MattSobieray
“Many thanks to Tim Anglade for the awesome training on JQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. I particularly liked the RESTful API design of Usergrid” —@Luay_ca
“Thanks to you for the Mobile App, HTML5, PhoneGap awesomeness” —@adaptivepattern
“Tim Anglade did a great job. Apigee looks really cool.” —@barela14
“He moved at a good pace. Packed a lot in. Was good.” —@newmanw10
“Thanks to Tim for a fun day of html5 mobile apps with BaaS” —@bentuttle1
And more… Excellent presentation and group! A+” — “Awesome class! The materials and instruction were just right… Perfectl actually! Thanks Tim!” “I learned new stuff. Training was interactive. The instructor was really helpful” — ”It was hands-on. We had the chance to actually build our application” — ”It gave a clear overview of technologies useful to build mobile apps.” — The material was great. The presenter knew his stuff and was interested in seeing his students succeed. — “Building smartphone apps was a mystery until I attended this one. — “I liked that individuals of diverse backgrounds and skill sets were all able to attend and learn something. Can’t think of anything I disliked.” — Not a sales pitch, very practical info, immediately useful” — “I am getting smarter thanks to you and Apigee for doing events like this.“ — Some of the best training I’ve had – paid or not. Thanks for putting this on.”
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