Border Reopening Could Come Within Weeks, Says Trudeau


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday said the next phases of reopening the Canadian-U.S. border could come within weeks and not months.
Trudeau said Canada is prepared to do away with the almost complete travel ban once more people here have been fully vaccinated. “We’re talking about weeks and not months anymore,” he said.
“We certainly hope that we will have more good news about reopening in the coming weeks but, of course, it depends on the vaccination rate, the COVID situation, the variants of concern, and what’s happening elsewhere,” Trudeau said at a press conference in Ottawa.
“As always, as a country, we make our decisions based on the best science, the best evidence, the best data available, and I know that our experts are leaning in on exactly that question to try and make a determination if, indeed, that is something we can be confident in as we move forward,” he said when asked when Canadians would be able to travel south of the border for leisure again.
“We will continue to work with jurisdictions that are doing that, we will continue to look at ways of getting life back to normal in a way that is safe and effective for everyone, but we were not ready to make that call yesterday for the announcement. So it’s something we’re going to look at carefully and hopefully, we’ll have a better answer for people in the coming weeks as we look to make more announcements.”
“The issue is, being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 protects you from the worst impacts but it doesn’t necessarily protect you from transmitting COVID-19 to someone who is partially or not vaccinated,” Trudeau said.


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