Audio Fingerprinting Links Mobile App Users with Ad Content from Bell

Audio Fingerprinting Links Mobile App Users with Ad Content from Bell
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Bell Media, Discovery Channel Canada and ad agency Media Experts have partnered to launch audio fingerprinting technology in Canada.
It’s said to be the first such use of the application, which can be used to listen to and identify specific content that’s playing on a portable media device, and then match that content with pre-produced digital advertising.

In the new roll-out, when a user has the Discovery Channel App open, the app listens for the audio content of thirty-second Virgin Mobile and Bell Mobility TV ads, and then deploys a customized rich-media digital ad on the viewer’s handheld device.
The viewer can then interact with the ad unit via video, photos, and other touch-optimized content, or dismiss the ad.
“Understanding that traditional media plants seeds that digital media can harvest, this new advanced advertising solution was conceived to leverage the multi-screen consumer experience,” Richard Ivey, Senior Vice President, Customer Service, Media Experts, said in a release. “This new solution allows ‘viewsers’ to telescope from lean-back, reductive advertising content on the big screen to lean-in, expansive advertising content on the small screen. This is an important part of the future of television.”
Virgin Mobile is the first advertising partner with the Discovery Channel App audio fingerprinting technology. The Virgin Mobile audio fingerprinting window runs until September 16 and the Bell Mobility window runs until September 25.
“Media Experts is a valued agency partner and we’re thrilled to work together on this ground-breaking offering within Discovery,” Nancy McConnell, Vice-President, Digital Sales, Bell Media, added. “We’re excited about the benefits and insights that audio fingerprinting technology offers both our advertising partners and our viewers and look forward to continuing our tradition of innovative multi-screen experiences.”
Media Experts is an independent, Canadian-owned media services firm with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
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