Arab Heritage Month Bill Moves To Second Reading


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Arabs in Canada are one step closer to celebrate an important event, as Bill C-232, which calls for the recognition of April as #ArabHeritageMonth in Canada, moved to the second reading on March 3, 2022.

Arab Heritage Month gives over 1-million Arab-Canadians the space to showcase their culture and talents. It also provides the general Canadian public with the opportunity to learn more about the nuanced and diverse experiences and struggles that Arabs from coast to coast to coast face.

MP David McGuinty, MP Ziad Aboultaif, MP Luc Desilets, MP Blake Desjarlais, MP Sameer Zuberi, and MP Karen Vecchio delivered speeches on why this month matters to them and the communities they serve.

As a national nonpartisan organization that is championing this bill, the Canadian Arab Institute has been working with Members of Parliament across all political parties to ensure the timely passage of this bill.




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