APTN, CBC/Radio-Canada to collaborate on Indigenous content creation


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A collaboration between media organizations CBC and APTN aims to create more Indigenous content that reaches more Canadians and to improve the hiring and retention of Indigenous creators, the two broadcasters announced Thursday.

The networks say the goal is to train emerging First Nations, Inuit, and Métis creators, foster more material and build audiences for that content.

“We are delighted to begin this new collaborative partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada, which will help further the voices of Indigenous Peoples through authentic news coverage and unique Indigenous-produced content. Indigenous journalists, creators, and producers will also feel its benefits, since this partnership expands their reach and invites more Canadians to enjoy their work,” Monika Ille, CEO, APTN, said.

“CBC/Radio-Canada has an important role to play in reconciliation. We are proud to partner with APTN to deepen our commitment to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis journalists and creators. This initiative dovetails with the work we have undertaken to strengthen our relationships with Indigenous-led broadcasters, production companies, and creators through a new Indigenous strategy that will build on the public broadcaster’s services, such as CBC Indigenous and CBC North, and Espaces autochtones and ICI Grand Nord,” said Catherine Tait, President, and CEO, CBC/Radio-Canada.


The agreement between the two broadcasters will see them work more closely on Indigenous productions and news and information programming by:

  • Increasing the opportunities, training and resources for Indigenous creators to produce content;
  • Collaborating on news and information programming, including sharing content and technical resources (such as joint feeds, pooled footage and other resources), while retaining editorial control over their own programming and applying their own journalistic standards and practices; and
  • Expanding the audiences for Indigenous programming, including news and entertainment.

The agreement specifies that to be considered and identified as an Indigenous production, the Production Company and copyright should be majority-owned by Indigenous persons, and should include Indigenous persons in key creative positions sufficient to ensure that the production reflects Indigenous perspectives.

APTN and CBC/Radio-Canada also recognize that media organizations have an important role to play in reconciliation, through the participation and reflection of Indigenous Peoples in their content and operations. Both organizations will work together towards a model for reconciliation in media in which Indigenous Peoples are represented and accurately reflected.


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