After thousands of years, Pharaohs return home to tour Egyptian streets


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Stay tuned through Media in Toronto to watch the biggest and oldest royal procession in the world as Cairo is gearing up for a first-of-its-kind “Pharaohs Golden Parade” that will transfer the ancient royal mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir – downtown Cairo – to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) in the ancient city of Fustat.

“This parade will make all Egyptians proud of their country,” says archaeologist Zahi Hawass, the nation’s former minister of antiquities. “In a time of COVID, they want to be happy, to feel proud of their ancestors. They will be waiting in the streets to say hello to their kings.”

Most of the mummies date from the New Kingdom (about 1539 B.C. to 1075 B.C.), a golden age of Egyptian civilization. They include 18 pharaohs and four other royals ranging in stature from some of Egypt’s most storied leaders to little-known figures.

The royal celebrities include Ramses II—often styled “the Great” and portrayed as the pharaoh mentioned in the biblical Book of Exodus—as well as Hatshepsut, an accomplished builder, forceful leader, and one of ancient Egypt’s few female pharaohs. (Discover the truth behind Egypt’s female pharaohs and their power.)

Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO Zurab Pololikashvili arrived to Egypt to participate in the Pharaohs Golden Parade.

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