AdWest plans for success in community newspapers


Innovative Advertising Blog: AdWest plans for success in community newspapers

September 2012 – 10:16am 

Jeff Beardsworth, Advertising Director, AdWest
Marketing INC.
Newspapers Canada
spotlights newspaper innovation by inviting representatives from across the
country to contribute to our Innovative Advertising Blog. In this edition, Jeff
Beardsworth, advertising director at AdWest Marketing INC., highlights his
organization’s ability to help agencies and advertisers identify community
newspapers with circulation near specific retail locations.

Too often, campaigns that are a natural fit for community newspapers do not
proceed because the media can be difficult to plan in the time window provided
by the client. Here is an example of agency that we successfully helped, at no
charge to them, by effectively utilizing our planning tools.The agency was
considering the roll out of a national campaign in community newspapers on
behalf of their client Napa Auto Stores. They wanted to look at community
newspaper options within 10km of each retail location (all 649 of them) across
the country.

Using our mapping technology, we were able to import the complete store list
and provide the client with a breakdown of community newspapers based on their
10km criteria. We were also able to create a series of maps to provide a visual
context to the data.

With this fundamental planning challenge now out of the way, the agency can
continue to work through the remaining stages of the planning process, focusing
their efforts on the publications that have been linked to the clients targeting

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