‘Adaptation’ continues with more SME’s owners hit by pandemic


Media in Toronto organized on Saturday its second web-series of virtual meetings “Adaptation”, which is targeting small and medium business owners to talk about their experience in floating through the pandemic and what they do to keep their companies alive in this new changing world.

The participants of Saturday’s meeting include: Prof. Harry Ziad Malawi CEO and founder of CDC Group of companies, President of: Jordanian Canadian Society JCS and  President of  Canadian Arab Network CAN Media Inc. Tamer Afifi Owner Nobiya Salon and Nadia Asfour owner Nana Couture.

The talks ranged from their experience during 2020 and the tough circumstances their businesses faced due to the pandemic and demands to the government to start treating all regions in Ontario on equal basis, underlining that businesses in Peel region are facing survival challenge.

They also demanded the federal and provincial government to back the Small and Medium businesses, which is considered the backbone of any country’s economy in the world.

Small and medium sized businesses (SME) make up over 99% of the Canadian economy, employing more than 10 million individuals in Canada, or almost 90% of the total private labor force. Supporting the growth of SMEs is therefore critical for the country’s economic prosperity. The government and financial institutions have developed programs to lend capital to new entrepreneurs so their businesses can continue growing and creating jobs.



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