AD Tech Canada March 29th

Back in 2008 – long before smartphones, wearables or the Internet of Things – Forrester Research described the coming of “ubiquitous marketing, where advertising messages follow consumers wherever they go:

The power to reach consumers everywhere comes with responsibility: to be meaningful everywhere. Marketers can overcome consumer wariness with Ubiquitous Marketing, which offers a reciprocal, successive, contextual dialogue.
In 2016, Forrester’s prediction will finally be realized in a world of smartwatches, embedded sensors and connected, self-driving cars. How do brands develop the strategy and capabilities necessary to not only compete in a world of ubiquitous marketing, but to grow closer relationships with their customers?
Marketing’s new AdTech Canada conference will seek to answer this question, not only through the lens of the Internet of Things, but digital advertising as a whole. Programmatic advertising has brought automation to formerly manual and error-prone processes. But, as advertisers get better at finding the right consumer at the right time on the right device, they also face an increasing propensity towards ad blocking. How will brands navigate this changing and competitive landscape?

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