On the first commemoration of the Beirut Port explosion, Lebanon Strong, spearheaded by two Canadian-Lebanese women entrepreneurs, continues to send humanitarian aid, firefighting gear, and emergency medical aid to Lebanon.

Lebanon Strong is now fundraising to send 35,000 tons of baby formula to Lebanon.

Lebanon Strong said it has sent in-kind donations worth $6.5 Million in ten months. Thanks to the generous Canadian Community that has come together to help Lebanon.

As today (Aug.4th) is the first anniversary of the Beirut explosion, and as Lebanon’s economic and social crisis deepens, lines for fuel are growing, and food, baby formula, and medicines are scarce, Lebanon Strong Canada, a Canadian Relief Campaign, continues to send humanitarian aid, firefighting gear, non-perishable food, and emergency medical aid to those most vulnerable.

The Relief Campaign is organizing on Wednesday at 12 pm a commemoration ceremony to talk about Lebanon Strong Canada’s charity work for the last year.

The main donors for the campaign will be presented during today’s commemoration ceremony.

The attendees’ list includes:


  • Her worship Mayor Bonnie Crombie will present an appreciation certificate to Lebanon Strong.
  • Dina Bakhit, CEO of Global Logistics Management and Founder of Lebanon Strong Canada
  • Hamsa Diab Farhat, Founder & Executive Director of Taste of the Middle East & Blog Middle East Toronto.
  • Provincial Conservative MPP- Mississauga Erin Mills Sheref Sabawy.
  • Dedicated volunteers & team members.
  • Main donors & supporters for the last year:


  • Firefighters without borders Canada: Carl Eggiman and Christina Eggiman.
  • Canadian Bomberos Shaun Burke & Kory Macausland (total donations estimated at 2.8 Million Dollars from Firefighters without borders and Canadian Bomberos.)
  • Doug Vincent, PDG, United Nations Rep, Rotary Z24, Woodstock-Oxford Rotary, RCMP Federal Police Advisor.
  • Dr Brad Petrisor, McMaster University.
  • Canadian Cedars of Hope London Ontario Ms. Majida Mr. Nadir.
  • Local Lebanese Canadian Artist Karl Wolf.
  • Johnny’s Shawarma.
  • Sam McDadi.
  • Ahmad Issa.
  • Georgette Zinatty Haddad and Mr.Haddad.
  • and Mrs Saad.
  • Wassim Jarrah.
  • Charbel Constantine.
  • Alaa Youssef.
  • Arab Institute Canada Representative
  • Amir, CDS President, Inc.
  • Mohamed, Paramedic Windsor.
  • Digital Oak.
  • Invited Media
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