100 #HootUps & Counting ~ Celebrating International Owlsomeness


100 #HootUps & Counting ~ Celebrating International Owlsomeness

The Owls are in the midst of a busy year, from releasing new features and integrations, to localizing HootSuite in seven languages. Guess what? We have one more announcement to make!
With the kind help from HootFriends around the world, we have hosted 100 HootUps across the globe!

The purpose of every HootUp is simple – make friends with HootFans and learn how they use HootSuite for social media success, while also sharing tips, exchanging stories and most importantly, spreading the HootLove.

Here’s a snippet of our most memorable HootUps this year:

The Euros are not afraid to share their knowledge liberally as we’ve seen in the 43 HootUps they’ve held over the last few months. From Turkey, to Italy and the United Kingdom, Owls in Europe spread HootLove by sharing their knowledge of HootSuite and assisting each other to ensure successful social media campaigns.
During Social Media Week, the Owl troops got social, holding 10 HootUps in Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. Sharif Khalladi, HootSuite’s Europe Community Manager, spoke during Social Media Week Berlin, and was warmly welcomed by the community as he shared HootSuite’s secrets on fostering online communities.
While Sharif was busy sharing these tips, our UK and Euro Diplomats practiced these secrets and experienced great success in their HootUps as well.

Owl Diplomacy in Asia

The brand love from this region is intense! Resident Community Celebratoire, Stephanie Wiriahardja, brought back thousands of pictures and videos of happy users she met on her Southeast Asia trip.
As a region with high Internet usage, it is no surprise that we hosted a variety of HootUps – from social media workshops in Universities, to meetings exclusive for Social Media Strategists, to Enterprise-only events.
Despite the variation, everyone enjoyed discussing their favorite social media management system as they snapped pictures and vied for a chance to get their hands on a famous #HootKit. We never fail to impress!
Recently, HootSuite launched in Traditional Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia, refreshed HootSuite in Japanese and even released a HootSuite Weibo integration. Plans are already in the works to translate HootSuite to Simplified Chinese, Korean and Thai.
Why not join the HootSuite Diplomat Program and help us spread more HootLove in your country?

Keeping it Casual in the Americas

While the Owls in Euro and Asia Pacific love to sit up straight and listen to informative slide decks, the Owls in North and South America prefer to kick back and keep it casual. That being said, they certainly don’t take social media lightly.
The first HootUp of 2012 was held in Maui, Hawaii, and it made history! Not only was #HootUpMaui a great success, but it created a new legacy: Owl Masks, that are now a key piece to every HootUp. While the original Owly mask is handmade and more intricate, version 2.0 of Owly Masks is much simpler just so anyone can download and sport it in just a matter of minutes!
Since North America is HootSuite’s backyard, Owls from HootHQ are often spotted at the events. Owly, sporting a new look, even made an appearance at #HootUpBoston after InBound 2012 Conference in late August.
There are even rumours of the famous #HootBus making an appearance at #HootUpAustin for #OwlOween. While Owly and #HootBus appearances are awesome, our friends in Campbell River constantly prove that it’s all about the people. Not only can they fish for salmon, but they’re also experts at generating buzz online and offline around events. The original #HootUpCR that Sean Smith has originally started in July, has since transformed to a monthly not-to-be-missed event in the area.

Owls and Ends

From Siberia to Morocco and Sao Paulo, we try to not leave any countries behind. This year, we’ve held HootUps in 46 cities in 13 countries in 10 different languages. Where we go next is up to you! Tweet us at @HootUp and let’s work together to hold one in your area.

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